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Are these habit appliances working???

September 2018

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Look at this. This patient had a heavy metal “tongue crib” dental appliance designed to block a lateral tongue thrust. DID IT WORK?? ? Did it teach the tongue where it should rest which is against the palate not touching the teeth? Did it address the Cause of the problem which is usually a nasal airway issue? Did it close the dental open bite? ? Does the dentist realize it’s not the tongue thrust SWALLOW that is causing this dental malocclusion but is the incorrect RESTING POSTURE OF THE TONGUE?
Oral habit appliances like this are antiquated and do NOT work. I have found that dentists who employ these punitive devices are unaware that IAOM Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists like Dr Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic are experts at correcting lingual resting posture disorders like this which aids the orthodontist in achieving long term successful results. #restpostureoftongueiskey #orofacialmyology#tonguethrust #InternationalAssociationofrOrofracialMyology #IAOM#myofunctionaltherapy #oralrestposture #41yearsdoingwhatIlove #expert


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