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Part 2- This 6 year- 5 month old female referred by Dr. Hilton Goldreich at Goldreich Orthodontics presented with an Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD) of lip incompetence- a chronic open mouth posture and low resting posture of her tongue against and between her teeth.

February 2021

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She exhibited a dental cross bite which is always a red flag for nasal airway problems and a referral to an Allergist and ENT who understand OMDs confirmed she has Allergies and was prescribed a daily allergy regime to control her allergies. Once Dr. Goldreich delivered the palatal expansion appliance to correct her dental cross bite, Dr. Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic enrolled her in the Lip Competence therapy program concentrating on lip competence and nasal breathing using the Zickefoose Lip Exerciser-ZLE. It’s gradual process which took 18 visits over 17 months. Look at the awesome dental occlusal results Dr Goldreich was able to achieve with a palatal expansion appliance and orthodontic braces. Her occlusion will remain stable long-term IF the patient maintains the nasal breathing pattern(by continuing to follow the allergist’s recommendations) and maintains lip closure. A progressive orthodontist, Lip Competence Therapy, ZLE, nasal breathing, a compliant patient and supportive mother spells success! It’s a Team approach. Thank you, Dr Goldreich, for referring this great patient and her supportive mother.




Part 1 of 2: 6 year – 5 month old female patient of Dr. Hilton Goldreich

January 2021

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This precious 6 year – 5 month old female patient was referred by the exceptional orthodontist, Dr Hilton Goldreich at Goldreich Orthodontics. She exhibited an Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD) of Lip incompetence characterized by a habitual open mouth and low, forward resting posture of her tongue against and between her teeth which can have a negative effect on the development of the dentition, particularly dental eruption patterns and/or alignment of teeth and jaws, can contribute to improper orofacial development and speech patterns may become distorted. After being evaluated by an Allergist and ENT, (she was found to have Perennial Allergic Rhinitis and was put on a daily allergy medication regime to control her allergies), she was enrolled in a Lip Competence Therapy Program created by Dr Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic using the Zickefoose Lip Exerciser-ZLE and TWO exercises ONCE a day! No tongue exercises, no swallowing exercises, no busy work. An open mouth posture can pull the corners of the eyes down, cause chapped, puffy lips, a hyperactive mentalis muscle or dimpling in her chin, recessive chin, etc. Look at the improvement in her facial shape, lips and chin due to her hard work and her mother’s excellent support!



Achieving Lip Competence or Lip Closure

December 2020

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Many times, my patients present with an open mouth posture where the upper teeth rest on the lower lip. This parafunctional habit can act as a functional orthodontic appliance that can exacerbate and/or cause dental malocclusions. My main goal for my 5 – 12 year old patients is achieving lip competence or lip closure with the lower lip covering the upper teeth at rest in order to prevent orthodontic relapse, according to Vig and Cohen, 1979. The Zickefoose Lip Exerciser-ZLE and the therapy program I created after specializing in Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders for over 43 years eliminates this harmful habit.#ZickefooseLipExerciser






What is the “Allergic Salute”?

November 2020

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A nasal crease or linea nasalis often results from an “allergic salute” performed most often by people who repeatedly rub their nose in an upward motion because of chronic nasal itching due to nasal airway issues like allergies. Nasal airway issues (which can be Allergies AND/OR nasal airway obstructions such as enlarged tonsils,adenoids, etc.) are the Primary cause of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders and is why Dr. Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic refers all patients to an Allergist and ENT on her team who understand Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders BEFORE she ever initiates any therapy with them and, if found to have allergies, they must be compliant with the allergist’s recommendations in order to stay in therapy.





This 20 year old female patient is wearing a “tongue reminder” habit appliance. IS IT WORKING?

October 2020

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These Tongue Reminder Habit appliances do not work. You will notice the patient still exhibits an incorrect resting posture of her tongue against or between the teeth and an open mouth rest posture. In an attempt to avoid the punishment of the appliance, she rests her tongue UNDER the appliance thus increasing the vertical freeway space dimension, leading to further posterior eruption and lip incompetence. Tongue Reminder Habit appliances do not close the lips or address nasal airway problems or teach the correct oral rest posture for the tongue. I have found that dentists who still recommend these appliances are unaware that International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists like Dr. Honor Franklin at Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic orofacial myofunctional therapy is extremely effective in modifying the oral habit problems without the need for punitive appliances! Call 972-233-1312 for elimination of an incorrect oral rest posture of the tongue and lips and no harmful appliances. #nomoretonguereminders








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