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Part 2- This 6 year- 5 month old female referred by Dr. Hilton Goldreich at Goldreich Orthodontics presented with an Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD) of lip incompetence- a chronic open mouth posture and low resting posture of her tongue against and between her teeth.

February 2021

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She exhibited a dental cross bite which is always a red flag for nasal airway problems and a referral to an Allergist and ENT who understand OMDs confirmed she has Allergies and was prescribed a daily allergy regime to control her allergies. Once Dr. Goldreich delivered the palatal expansion appliance to correct her dental cross bite, Dr. Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic enrolled her in the Lip Competence therapy program concentrating on lip competence and nasal breathing using the Zickefoose Lip Exerciser-ZLE. It’s gradual process which took 18 visits over 17 months. Look at the awesome dental occlusal results Dr Goldreich was able to achieve with a palatal expansion appliance and orthodontic braces. Her occlusion will remain stable long-term IF the patient maintains the nasal breathing pattern(by continuing to follow the allergist’s recommendations) and maintains lip closure. A progressive orthodontist, Lip Competence Therapy, ZLE, nasal breathing, a compliant patient and supportive mother spells success! It’s a Team approach. Thank you, Dr Goldreich, for referring this great patient and her supportive mother.




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